Which stance should we take?

A big reason why we don’t get things done, is because the mind wants to protect us from anything that feels uncomfortable. Anything that takes us out of our comfort zone.

The mind is on defense. 

So what happens is, we don’t actually go out and do what we should be doing. We don’t go out and pursue our happiness, because it wants to protect us from fear. 

But we have to overcome that because on the other side of fear is an actual good experience for us. Better life. Better health. Better opportunities. Often, the things that take us out of our comfort zone are new experiences or new knowledge that we need to acquire.

Whenever you’re trying to accomplish anything in life, you have to remind yourself to block out external thoughts that do not help your cause. External thoughts that are not true, or not good for your heart or happiness. External thoughts that are not conducive to joy.

Try to take an offensive stance on action. An offensive stance leads to creating. Which leads to more self-expression and ultimately more happiness. When we allow our insecurities to make us defensive, we dwell. Dwelling wastes your valuable time. Dwelling leads to you not accomplishing your goals.