Delano T. Jarrett

Delano T. Jarrett
The Multifaceted Creator

Delano T. Jarrett

Delano T. Jarrett
The Multifaceted Creator


A poem about taking action.

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All the answers to life have yet to appear

But a lot of them have certainly been here

Since the dawn of time, but you don’t want to listen

Because your muse has yet to illuminate your vision

Maybe you need a parent to scold you but you never had one

Or a shaman to speak to you. But you’ve never seen one

A professor’s lecture, but their teaching days are done

Or a psychiatrist to impart, but you can’t afford one

Maybe you can’t hear a black person on a screen

Maybe you find a child’s viewpoint to be far too green

Maybe you can’t take a woman’s wisdom seriously

Maybe a crazy person’s thoughts will always be too crazy

Or maybe you’re just lazy, and you already have the answer

But you’d rather waste time because solutions are hard to master

But then whose fault is it, when you’ve done nothing?

Should you mope and blame everyone, or should you go do something?

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