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Delano T. Jarrett

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What if no one likes our work?

The other day an old friend sent me a private message. It was an image of a meal he just made.

I gave him props. It really looked delicious.

I knew he likes to cook new dishes, and often puts some up on social media, so I asked him if he ever thought of shooting some tutorial videos.

He said he’d never do that because he sucks at it. I said I wasn’t suggesting it based on quality, but based on the fact that cooking seemed to make him happy.

He explained that he was afraid of nothing coming from it.

I let the matter die but this last statement really resonated with me. It resonated with me because it was a thought that’s come into my mind as well.

What if nothing changes after I put out my content?

What if no one likes it? What if no one sees?

The problem with these kinds of thoughts is that we begin to ignore the creation, and instead focus on the attention.

We start thinking about the audience, and who’s going to see our work. What they’re going to think, and what they’ll say.

We let public opinion dictate how we create.

What worries me about these thoughts is the fact that I’m letting my mind veer off from my happiness.

I’ll get caught up in how everything can go wrong, and neglect what was going right.

I give power to people who don’t even exist yet….

One’s creation should exist because we wanted to create.

Because it brings us joy. Because it interests us.

Not because it won’t be perfect, or people won’t like it. Not because it will or will not get views.

This is a mindset I struggle with, and one day hope to conquer.

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