Delano T. Jarrett

The Multifaceted Creator

Delano T. Jarrett

The Multifaceted Creator


A poem about the world.

I live in a world where you must be brave

To be yourself

In this world, if you do not behave

It means you’re going to hell

I live in a world where everyday

There are kids to be saved

In this world, there are places

In which one can never play

I live in a world that has dark caves

That still have bombs

There are babies in garbages

Disposed by moms

Where hot slick cars

Exhale toxic fumes

Plastic falls from the sky as pollution foretells our doom

I live in a world where pirates have mastered

Computers and ships

We take medication to cure yet we keep getting sick

Where dark equals outcast

And outcasts are lynched

And the lynchers’s kids

Then Sauna their skin

I live in a world where religion is fake

And religion is true

Sometimes science is true too

Until it gets renewed.

Zombies are envisioned

And aliens are sought out

We destroyed this planet so let’s now seek the others out

I live in a world where girl scouts sell cookies

And creeps are hungry

And life requires energy

But we fight over money

I live in a world where madness and love


In this world, we can search .govs

But ignorance is bliss

I live in a world where a fist

is not as strong as it used to be

We put our energy into energy and increasing energy

And the president’s turn key

Can mark a change in hierarchy

Only he at the top of the arc can make the flag wave proudly

Justice demands truth which is evaded by injustice

My world was a liar before the raising of the crucifix

Are other worlds in other galaxies as creative in their oddities as the anomalies that roam around me serial killing smoothly

I don’t think so

My world is way low

In the bottom of the sinkhole

And If a black hole locked gaze with our iris

And said that humans are the worst tyrants

That the fate of the universe was entirely on us

But we will fail because we are a virus

I would say yes, I know

Humans are akin to mold.

The truth of our ways unfold.

Yet my world is still my world.

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