Thank you so much for your interest in my projects. Here you can download media resources and keep informed of my brand guidelines.


As a digital content creator, I aim to have my brand visible in many areas of the internet. It’s important to me that when people see my brand image, there’s a consistent look and feel. Here are some guidelines and information to keep in mind when using my image in posts, articles, or other pieces of content.

Please do not use the Delano T. Jarrett name/logo/media in any way that may be confusing, misleading, or hurtful. Please do not change or alter the design, scale, or color in any way. Please do not combine it with any other logos. As long as you are respectful in your usage, you are welcome to use the Delano T. Jarrett brand media.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.


The Delano T. Jarrett logo is coined the “Digital D”. It represents the initial of “Delano”, and contains 3 digital nodes. The digital nodes stand for value, time, and communication. When I decided to go all in on being a digital content creator, I set a personal mission to ensure that I would keep these three pillars in mind: bring people value and kindness, save people time while not wasting my own, and keep communication clear and truthful.

The Delano Digital D

My image

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Delano T. Jarrett
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As is a site filled with a lot of information, it was important that the brand colors have a familiar feel that will help users feel comfortable during their browsing experience.

Hex color #333333:

A more pleasing black to soothe the eyes while reading.

Hex color #000000:

The blackest digital black to give more attention to important links and calls to action.