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Hello friends and welcome strangers. I'm Delano T. Jarrett: The Multifaceted Creator.

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I’m a digital content creator currently residing in Ontario, Canada.

I title myself The Multifaceted Creator because when I create, I dabble in many fields. With my many projects, I’ve developed skills in photography, copywriting, marketing, video production, blogging, and web design.

I create products and services that would have brought value to my younger self. Hopefully in the process, I can make a living by also bringing value to others.

Why do I do what I do?

I come from an immigrant family with a large emphasis on physical work. I spent two decades of my life doing work that involved backbreaking, tear-jerking, sweat-dripping tasks. I lived a life of family members finding success through blood, sweat, and tears.

While I’m in awe of them for it, and grateful for their strength and perseverance, I saw firsthand the toll that kind of work can take on a person, and on a family. I would come home messy, smelly, and absolutely exhausted. And the amount of work I was doing was incredibly disproportionate to the joy I was getting. I didn’t want that path for my future. I wanted to be able to come home with less pain in my feet, fewer callouses on my hands, and a larger smile on my face. It was clear to me that I had to find an alternate workstyle to create my income.

My belief became more earnest around 2020 when the pandemic hit. I watched governments mislead citizens, corporations take advantage of customers, and citizens turn on their fellow citizens. There were price hikes in goods and services and an overwhelming feeling of lack of freedom. It became more obvious than ever that I needed to start thinking about alternate forms of income. To put myself in a position where if/when something did go wrong, I would have more options at my disposal.

And so I began my journey into the digital economy. And I discovered there were a lot of people like me. Aspiring Creators who realized it’s more important than ever for people to have a side hustle. To have additional forms of supplemental income.

I want to help people like me not have to go through the path I had to. I want to help fellow creators like myself find success doing work that they genuinely love. To at least have something on the side that brings in some extra income. That way they can live a life with less stress than I had to endure.

This is why I create projects that help people utilize the digital economy. I believe that many people, like my younger self, could have been more successful had they been aware of projects like mine. And of course, it makes me happy to know that something I made may help reduce someone’s anxiety and inspire progression.

My brand logo

Because so many of my creations were going to be digital, I knew it would be necessary for my brand image to reflect that. As you can see in my sketches/ designs, I tried to find a way for my initials to resemble common digital graphics.

file line

One of the first iterations of my logo was inspired by the file symbol. By placing my initials inside a file icon I hoped to convey that the Delano T. Jarrett brand dealt with digital products. This design was eventually disregarded as it didn’t work well in a small format.

wifi line

I then looked at taking inspiration from the Wi-Fi symbol. This would of course be very beneficial as it is a fairly well-known symbol. The problem I kept facing though is that the Wi-Fi symbol already contained many curved lines and adding my initials to it made it too cluttered as a symbol. This design was disregarded as it was too busy, and again, didn’t work in a small format.

share line

My last iterations were inspired by the share symbol. When I had taken another look at common digital symbols, I realized that the share symbol made a lot more sense to use as inspiration for what I was going to be trying to accomplish.

It would be a very good reminder to supporters that my products and services would be about communication and sharing information. For a while, my symbol was going to contain the digital nodes with a black contour and white center, but this design was disregarded for composition complications that arose when placing the symbol over images.

share fill

The final iteration of my logo came to fruition when I realized that the digital nodes would look far better in design placements if they had a filled center, rather than a white or blank one.


And so I arrived at the final iteration of my logo. I call it the Delano Digital D.

Because the D is now triangular, it is able to contain three digital nodes. This was actually a design choice I was very happy with because it became a good way for me to remember the three pillars I like to keep in mind when designing new projects: value, time, and communication.

One of the best ways for me to know if a project is going to bring people value, and therefore worth my effort, is if it saves them time, or provides them with new information.

Interact with me

As a Digital Content Creator, I try to be visible on many platforms. I consistently take advantage of free marketing marketplaces. So, it’s very possible that you may see my content on many different social media applications. Here’s a list of all my official accounts, and which ones you should frequent to suit particular needs.

The best ways to reach me:


The best places to interact with me are currently Twitter or my email. The majority of my other social media profiles will be used for marketing purposes.

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