Delano T. Jarrett

The Multifaceted Creator

Delano T. Jarrett

The Multifaceted Creator


A poem.

They made their unconscious decision to not stay conscious

And the knowledge of this, made me nauseous

The taste in my mouth was so toxic

I almost finished a pack of lozenges

Got me sick to my stomach to think they did not want to think

To remove their link and no longer blink

the other side was not Zion but they loathed this matrix

Hatred so strong yet they didn’t hate red

I wanted to take my fists and show the pain they brought to the brink

The aroma the stink was worse than a garbage bin

Like being a wisp would solve all their problems

They could have solved the equations but chose to erase them

These words are about family

The ones that you leave when you choose to leave

The ones who stand in the crime scene

Can’t believe what they’re seeing trying not to make a scene

We crossed to the other side and thought the grass was green

Turns out, when we weren’t there, you were there bleeding

Either we paid no attention, or you weren’t clear

Either way I’m shocked like a highway crossing deer

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