We denounce our abilities instead of trying harder.

I often muse about people’s inability to accomplish their goals and the reasons why they falter. So I made a video of a poem about taking action.

Life is a constant filled with distractions and complications. Sometimes they benefit us, and sometimes they derail us. Life has a way of interrupting us right when we’re trying to improve ourselves. That’s not our fault, that’s just life.

That being said, it does become our fault when we use life’s interruptions as a crutch.

I can’t exercise today because that extra project wore me out.

We denounce our abilities instead of trying harder.

I can’t write my story today because the setting isn’t how I like it.

External and internal voices are powerful. So we must fight to not let them move us in opposite directions. And the worst thing we can do for ourselves is to agree with them.

This is something I struggle with myself. 

I only hope in time that I will learn to act towards my happiness instead of dwelling on my mistakes.