A poem about life.

I played this game where the main character is young and weak

And he’s crying in his room with some wounds on his cheeks

I played this game with the soundtrack of a child crying for help

While a large evil man chased him with a big leather belt

I played this game with a hub of water and salt

And I’m always losing even when it’s not my fault

I played this game with a shaky controller

Is it fear or osteoporosis taking over

I played this game that my breath really seems to hate

Because every time I play I seem to hyperventilate 

I played this game for days, months and years

I played this game while others laughed and the others chugged beers 

I played this game with a boss who loves power

And I can’t attack him ’cuz my only move is cower

I’m playing this game while he continues to batter me. Stupid me. 

Someone tell me why I should keep 

putting in batteries 

My enemies play this game and they do so well

I dwell on fallen knees on…

why my couch smells 

and my headset rings bells 

and every hacker that I meet is never willing to help

Is this hell, 

Is this really earth?

Everyday life tells me to contradict birth.

But to contradict life I must stop playing

Which my sane mind wants to do but also knows is insane 

For what if one day I win.

I got this hope code written in 

And I can’t stop listening

To optimistic whispering 

And I’ll keep playing

Until my thumbs are chafing

Until I stop leveling

And the boss is complaining

Why am I still going?

My resolve should be withering

All this time I’ve been slithering

Just trying to win

But I keep going

What makes me keep going

Why won’t I stop moving 

Just stay stationary!

With this world, no game is too scary

This NPC is very good at reducing my HP

I just want to win and be happy…

I don’t want to play…

End Game.