Delano T. Jarrett

The Multifaceted Creator

Delano T. Jarrett

The Multifaceted Creator


A poem about a battle.


My ally throws caution to the winds a raven with a message

Arrives to me at dawn from a cold frosty aired passage

It is no surprise that the note reads of darkness looming

You don’t need a southern to tell a northern that winter is coming

I know my army is weak. Three hundred Confronts a thousand

But you cannot falter before starting or it will be your end

Equipped from head to toe. Piece of steel heart of gold

Mold mind to the situation so I can be bold

They snicker and cackle hell chains a rattle

As if my mighty men were nothing but cattle

I unsheathe my sword, march toward the horde

Of undead lords. And bore their core so lore can be restored

They will not merely write scripture but also paint pictures

Of the thunder that rained and the earthquake fissures

Our Attacks are like combos because our moves flow

A fire sale of cockroaches everything must go

Before I left my queen I told her of our assured victory

But now I fear I spoke too soon

Fifty to fifty we might have made history

But I fear that we are doomed

Wake me if we’re to die for I would look upon deaths, face

For no kin of lucifer would see fear in my, face

No pretense of my confidence you’ll see assurance in me firmly prepared to carry on my journey at fate’s pace

Even when faced with adversity I will never fight dirty

For what tarnishes my integrity destroys my feelings of victory

Don’t pity me that I am inferior to the enemy

I have my own little birdies to speak to me

Courage reminds me of the fear that gives me strength

Perseverance claims it doesn’t matter that my blade is bent

In faith I look to the east, the sun awakens for me

And love reminds me, that love waits for me

I stand proud, regroup, and renew the vigor in my men

I brace myself by counting to ten

We charge, clearing a path with dust

I breathe steady because composure is a must

I dance with my brothers amidst a tide of strangers

And stride swiftly with grace as if we float upon water

Blood falls upon blood, no more hooves so boots meet the mud

Ignore shaking limbs until the deed is done

Face off between me and a lonesome commander

Only him alone but he will not surrender

He tries to distract me with cruel and morbid banter

I tell my warriors to stay back. Leader Vs leader

He fakes left and slashes right aiming for my head

I jump forward pain to my shoulder a place I had already bled

Sword arm sore my left grabs a dagger to deliver him to the dead

He could not duck my ambidextrous luck and I stick him with the pointy end

Every tale must meet tales end

And now I put this war mongrel to bed

Whether you face your fears with sword or lead

Only raise a weapon to mend and defend

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