Delano T. Jarrett

The Multifaceted Creator

Delano T. Jarrett

The Multifaceted Creator


A poem about purpose.

When the job is so mundane that it puts you to sleep.

And your motivation to get up is very weak.

And you dream about the way it was supposed to be.

So you seek out outlets that can set you free.

And you come across a world with rectangular screens.

Where all the citizens connect through a vast stream.

And you get your own channel to connect to your peeps.

And even though the network may hide troll fiends,

You know you’ll be supported by your follower team.

They’ll highlight your qualities and make you a meme.

Or support your art and fill your pockets with green.

Or raise you with warmth until your spirit gleams.

Maybe then you’ll have what you were missing.

Maybe then you won’t feel so lost again.

I’ve discovered what to do and now is the when

This is my YouTube Introduction.

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